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We recommend, license and resell only the most productive, creative and expressive visual analytics tools – those that we use ourselves in our consulting work, training courses and the managed services we deliver. They provide a powerful environment for interactive data visualization and the greatest return on investment for our customers.

Use our comparison guide as a simple starting point for researching which tool is most appropriate for your business. 

Contact us to make the most informed decision, based on a detailed understanding of your organisation, people, audience, application, IT infrastructure and budget. 


We continually research, evaluate and trial numerous applications, components and utilities to find the best ways to deliver visual analysis.
— Atheon Analytics
Omniscope vs Tableau


Omniscope, from Visokio, is a powerful visual analytics tool which enables analysts to cover all stages in the visual analytics process; from sourcing data, through visual transformation, matching, combination, exploration and discovery, all the way to interactive visual presentation of results. Along the way, Omniscope provides access to a huge wealth of data sources, including local data, enterprise systems, cloud services and more. Omniscope provides a broad array of visualisations - from commonplace graphs and charts, to more exotic options including Venn, treemap and network.

Omniscope Screen.png

Atheon Analytics has been a Visokio reseller partner since 2006 and has developed an unrivalled understanding of Omniscope in that time. Atheon provides clients - across many sectors, including grocery retail and consumer goods - with Omniscope software, support, training, model design and development and fully-managed outsourcing of Omniscope Enterprise though Atheon's DataSatellite service.

For more information on Omniscope visit the Visokio website

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Tableau, from Tableau Software, helps people see and understand their data as Information is presented in consistent, easily-digested forms that suit a wide of end-user applications.  Tableau can be deployed as a single-user desktop analytical tool, or as an enterprise-wide visual analytics and reporting suite, suitable for use by thousands of users. Tableau connects to everything from local spreadsheets and text files, through mainstream databases like Oracle and SQL Server, to high-end analytical databases such as ParAccel, Teradata and Vectorwise, as well as a variety of Hadoop options and the cloud-based analytical databases from Google (BigQuery) and Amazon (Redshift).

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Atheon Analytics uses Tableau to deliver retail analytics consulting projects, to develop client-specific solutions and to develop client expertise in visual analytics to organisations across grocery retail and consumer goods. Atheon Analytics is a Tableau Reseller Partner, providing clients with implementation support, grocery-specific training, analytical model development and life-cycle management.

For more information visit the Tableau Software website.

For examples of retail analysis using Tableau please visit our examples page.

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